• MSK 140/OHD Messempfänger

    Order no. 2170000002

    MSK 140/OHD SAT/ TV/ DAB+/FM signal meter HEVC-H

  • MSK 130/OIA Messempfänger SAT/TV/FM/OPTI

    Order no. 21710054

    MSK 130 SAT/TV/FM/OPTIC/IPTV/ASI signal meter

  • MSK 30 Messempfänger SAT/TV

    Order no. 21710048

    MSK 30 SAT/TV signal meter

  • MZS 200

    Order no. 21710021

    The software enables remote control of the MSK 200, allowing one to manage measurement procedures and effect measurement logging with a PC or laptop. The signal meter can be connected to a PC or laptop via network connection.