EXI 3508 Multischalter 5 auf 8

EXI 3508 Multischalter 5 auf 8

EXI 3508 Multi-switch 5 to 8 with int. modem

Order no.: 20510060

  • Integrated, highly-selective frequency diplexer for IP data
  • The optimised distribution system of the EXI 3508 allows distances of up to 700 m for the IP frequency range
  • High screening values ensure disturbance security



  • Cascadable multi-switch with an integrated modem for the distribution of four Sat polarities and terrestrial signals to up to eight receivers
  • Creation of a home network using the existing terrestrial coaxial distribution of a multi-switch. Installation complexity is reduced as no additional network cabling is required.
  • Integrated, highly-selective frequency diplexer for IP data
  • The optimised distribution system of the EXI 3508 allows distances of up to 700 m for the IP frequency range
  • Integrated amplifier ensures low tap losses in the Sat-IF range
  • Integrated pre-emphasis to compensate for frequency-dependent cable losses
  • The terrestrial range can also be received when the receiver is switched off
  • LNB remote feeding can be effected through the input horizontal low. All other inputs are voltage-free (thus enabling operation with UAS 585)
  • For indoor installation
  • Integrated modem

  • Modem for Kathrein IP over coax system "K-LAN" (based on the standard IEEE 1901)
  • Ideal to integrate receivers, TV sets and Blu-ray players in networks. Other network-capable units such as PCs can also be easily connected using a router (e.g. FRITZ!Box)
  • > 500 Mbit data throughput (gross) allows transmission of several HD streams during simultaneous data transmission between PCs. Due to QoS *), relevant services are prioritised
  • High screening values ensure disturbance security
  • 128 bit AES encryption: Secure, private network connection at the press of a button – no software required
  • Existing outlets which support the frequency range 5-68 MHz can still be used. Otherwise, we recommend use of the EXI 30 outlet, especially designed for K-LAN **) Using this outlet one can remotely power the modem from the receiver. The IP frequency range is available on the Sat port
  • Eco Power Mode: The modem switches automatically to "stand-by" until it is "woken up" again through the network. Consumption: 1 Watt in stand-by mode/4.2 Watt in operational mode
  • Accessories

  • Sat outlet EXI 30 (Order no. 21110024): Remote-feed capable outlet (feeding over Sat connection) with optimal selection for data and RF signals
  • End-user modem EXI 01 (Order no. 20510061): To reconvert IP data on subscriber outlets (e.g. to connect a satellite receiver with an Ethernet port)
  • Software EXI 700: Shows the functioning modems of a network (download free of charge from: www.kathrein.de)
  • High pass EXI 90 (Order no. 20510062): If additional multi-switches (not from EXI series) are used and the EXI 01 is used on one of these, then the high pass must be screwed on the terrestrial input of the multi-switch.
  • Thus subsequent multi-switches in the cascade are isolated and the incoming and outgoing radiation of the IP frequency range from and to the terrestrial antenna is prevented. In the EXI 3508 the high-pass is already integrated

Technical Data

Feature Unit Value
Type EXI 3508
Order no. 20510060
Subscriber connections 8
Inputs 1 x terr. | 4 x Sat-IF
Frequency ranges MHz 87.5-862 | 950-2,150
Frequency ranges (subscribers) MHz 2-68/87.5-862 | 950-2,150
Tap loss ¹) dB -/15 -> 17 | 5 -> 0
Decoupling horiz./vert. dB - | 25
Decoupling subscribers dB 28/40 | 25
Max. output level ²) dBµV - | 110
Control input vert./horiz. V 12-14.5/16-19
Control low/high band kHz 0/22
Current drain per subscriber mA 20
Nominal input voltage V 230 (50-60 Hz)
Permissible input voltage range V 207-253
Nominal input power at 0/150/500 mA load 3) W 1/4/10
Secondary voltage 4) V 18
Max. remote feed current total 4) mA 500
Max. permissible remote feed current per trunk mA -
Protection class/protection type II (insulated)/IP 30
Permissible ambient temperature °C -20 to +55
Connections F-type connectors
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 295 x 148 x 42.5
Packing unit/weight pc./kg 1 (10)/Approx. 0.7
Integrated modem
Frequency range IP (IEEE 1901) MHz 2-68 5)
Gross data rate Mbit 500
Current drain of modem max. mA 350
Power consumption at max. data rate W Approx. 4.2
Power consumption in stand-by mode W Approx. 1.0
Connections RJ 45
Supported standard IEEE 1901
VPE 1 1
EAN 1 4021121510274
VPE 2 10
EAN 2 4021121510281
Customs tariff number 85437090

*) Quality of Service

**) Alternatively, the outlets ESD 84 and ESD 32 can be used

¹) Frequency-dependent attenuation

²) According to EN 60728-3, 35 dB IMA

³) Modem in stand-by mode

4) Via "horizontal low" input

5) Currently used: 8-68 MHz



  • Bedienungsanleitung

    Sat-ZF-Verteilsystem (4 x Sat-ZF) Multischalter mit integriertem Modem

    Download | pdf-File | 14.62 MB
  • Operating manual

    Sat-IF distribution system (4 x Sat-IF) Multi-switch with integral modem

    Download | pdf-File | 14.62 MB
  • Notice d'utilisation

    Système de distribution FI Sat (4 x FI Sat) Commutateur multiple avec modem intégré

    Download | pdf-File | 14.62 MB
  • Istruzioni per l'uso

    Sistema di distribuzione Sat-FI (4 x Sat-FI) Commutatore multiplo con modem integrato

    Download | pdf-File | 14.62 MB
  • Instrucciones de uso

    Sistema de distribución Sat-FI (4 x Sat-FI) Conmutador múltiple con módem integrado

    Download | pdf-File | 14.62 MB


  • Animation: Easy set-up of a home network over coax using K-LAN

    36.12 MB