BAS 66 Skew

BAS 66 Skew

Order no.: 2000000001

Despite their small size, the BAS 66 Skew flat antennas offer optimum performance.

Satellite reception. This is made possible by the special honeycomb structure of the surface.


The skew adapter plate allows the antenna to be rotated so that reception at the edge of the satellite coverage zone is significantly optimised.


  • To receive digital satellite signals (Full-HD and UHD-compatible)
  • Frequency range: 10.70-12.75 GHz
  • Integrated twin LNB (two outputs)
  • With skew adapter plate (reception optimisation at the edge of the satellite coverage zone)
  • To be used when the mobile home, caravan or lorry is not in motion
  • Can be mounted onto the HDM 14x jointed masts
  • Admissible Vmax.: 130 km/h

Technical Data

Feature Unit Value
VPE 1 1
EAN 1 4021121548963
Customs tariff number 85291031

¹) At mid-band

²) At a dynamic pressure of 800 N/m² acc. to EN 60728-11