SAT-IF and IP signal distribution over coax

What is K-LAN?

Kathrein LAN system products will allow you to create a home network using the coaxial cable structure already existing in the house for your satellite reception system. The IP data packets and traffic will be distributed over the terrestrial frequency distribution cabling.

What does that allow me to do?

The Kathrein LAN system is ideal to connect receivers, TV sets and Blu-ray players into a single network. In addition, a PC and other network-capable devices can easily be connected using a router (such as Fritz!Box).

What advantages does K-LAN offer me?

Using the existing satellite reception and distribution system to also distribute IP signals signifi cantly reduces installation costs – as there is no need to install any new cables. Because of the outstanding transmission characteristics and the high screening factor of the coaxial cables, the IP signals are transmitted practically interferencefree – even over ranges of up to 700 m.

What will I need?

The EXI 01 modem is used to convert back the IP data at the subscriber outlets. If the multi-switch in your satellite reception system is not an EXI 3508, it need not be replaced – but an additional EXI 01 modem will be necessary to feed in the IP frequency range from the router into the coaxial cable network. Feeding in of any signals can be carried out at any point in the coaxial distribution system. For optimum performance we recommend using the EXI 30 outlet, which has been specially developed for the K-LAN system. This outlet offers the return path range on the satellite IF port so that a modem can be remotely fed by the satellite receiver. This greatly simplifies cabling requirements and means the modem does not require a separate power supply unit. The same applies to the ESD 84 and ESD 32 outlets. One must ensure that the entire distribution system carrying the terrestrial frequencies (including the outlets) supports the frequency range 5 to 68 MHz.

Do I need any particular software to set up the system?

No software is required to install of the Kathrein-LAN system. Confi guration is performed automatically. Kathrein also offers the EXI 700 software (as free of charge download) on our website “www.kathrein.de”. This software displays all the modems present on your network and offers you a range of options for confi guration and for protection/encryption of your network.

Can my home network be viewed/ accessed by others from outside?

The integrated modem within the EXI 3508 multiswitch and the EXI 01 modem are each protected with a factory-set network security key. Additional security is provided by the modems' “pairing” facility, by which the modems agree between themselves a secret network security key. To prevent access and broadcasting in the IP frequency range via any connected terrestrial antenna, an EXI 90 high-pass fi lter is screwed onto the multi-switch’s terrestrial input. This high-pass filter is already incorporated in the EXI 3508 multi-switch. In this manner the home network and its outputs can be limited to this multi-switch alone, and will not be accessible to any third party.



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