Automotive Solutions

Kathrein has been one of the pioneers of automotive antenna solutions in this challenging area of technology for over 60 years. In this ever-changing world of communications technology, the vehicle manufacturer is always facing new technical challenges. The Kathrein Company has been shaping the market through technical innovations for a long time, and has even enabled the introduction of new technologies for in-car communication and entertainment systems.

In the past 20 years, the business has grown rapidly, not least through the takeover of automotive antenna systems from Blaupunkt and the South American antenna manufacturer Olimpus Automotive. “Kathrein Automotive” is a globally active automotive supplier, and an established fixture on the market.

Kathrein Automotive employs over 700 people at locations in Germany, Portugal, China, Brazil and the United States. Our plants in the key regions in the global automotive industry are continuously certified to ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 14001 and meet the highest requirements for efficient manufacturing processes.

Our product range includes automotive antenna systems for mobile communications of all global standards, satellite positioning systems for signal processing and digital radio services, digital signal processing and analog terrestrial radio and television services as well as remote control of all standards. Furthermore we develop the latest electronic components for LTE signal processing and electronic modules for a variety of automotive body controls in vehicles.

High performance, efficient antenna systems are the key element for the implementation of innovative communication technology in the vehicle. Kathrein Automotive has a global presence in all key markets and is thus the perfect partner for this challenging range of products, guaranteeing targeted sustainable solutions with highest, long-lasting technical expertise in development and production.

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